CUSTOM printing, Vehicle Wraps, t-shirts

            AND more

Screen Printing  

Screen printing allows our clients to make truly customized apparel for personal or business use. The newest and most exciting addition to our screen printing operation is our design studio. Design studio is a software provided by Inksoft that allows our clients to build and customize their own t-shirts as well as get instant quotes all without ever stepping foot into the office or dialing our number. Furthermore, Inksoft allows us to give discounts, send invoices, and receive payments online. This makes for a more streamlined process allowing us to get the final product to our clients sooner. Go to the design studio tab​​to learn more and start customizing your new t-shirts today! 


With our printer we are able to produce durable signs that are capable of lasting up to three years outdoors without lamination. With lamination, these signs can last up to 12 years. Offering high color density and a wide gamut, our prints perform beautifully on a wide range of coated and uncoated media.


Vehicle Wraps and Decals

Vehicle wraps are a must for any company vehicle being used on the job. It helps customers identify you while simultaneously marketing your business.  

(Due to our facility restrictions we are unable to install full vehicle wraps but will be offering this in the near future)

Colorful Print & Cut Heat Transfers

These vibrant heat pressed images are useful whenever our clients want a design printed on a garment, bag, or hat that has many colors but only need a few prints. This approach allows us to keep the price low for the client while still producing quality results! 

​​​​Digital Printing  

Our latest addition is the Roland VersaCAMM printer. This printer allows for high definition digital prints on a multitude of materials. Below is a list of the various applications this printer allows us to achieve. If you are interested in any of the following, please don't hesitate to contact us via the contacts icon at the top of the page.

Posters and Backlit Displays 

Another in a long list of already impressive

applications, our poster and backlit displays can be utilized by anybody. A poster or decoration on a window with the sun behind it, an eye catching sign lit up in front of your office, or a menu board for your mom and pop restaurant. Once again, the application can go as far as you want or need to take it.

Wall Graphics and Murals

Wall graphics are becoming more and more popular for businesses and DIY designers around the globe. From your favorite inspirational quote, to a company logo, or maybe even a life sized photo of the athlete in your family, we can handle it all.  

Canvas Fine Art and Photos

If you are looking to get a family photo or work of art blown up or perhaps transferred to canvas, we can help! Photos printed on canvas can bring new life to a market primarily dominated by paper print. These beautiful works of art stretched around a wood frame make for a sleek new addition to your families home or office.

Die Cut Labels and Decals

Die cut simply means ​cutting a label or a decal into a specific shape to fit your design needs. This application is useful anytime you need to stick your design onto something else; vehicle decals, store front information, stickers, beer bottle labels. The possibilities are endless.


Banners are a useful tool for any setting, whether you need to advertise for your business, make a team banner, or just want to add flair to your man cave. With the ​​VersaCAMM printer/cutter we can produce stunning banners at fast speeds. State-of-the-art print head and variable droplet technology deliver banners with rich color density, greater detail in the highlights as well as smoother blends and transitions overall.